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Introducing the safest way to soothe aching muscles and help heal your body.

Pain Management Innovations- Heating Pad Ease Easy to use and reheat over and over
Pain Management Innovations- Cordless pad No inconvenient electric cord
Pain Management Innovations- Heating Pad flexibility Conforms perfectly to curvy body contours
Pain Management Innovations- Heating Pad Longevity Heat lasts up to an hour
Pain Management Innovations- Heating Pad As Ice Pack May also be frozen and used as an ice pack
Fabric used is soft 100% cotton flannel in solid colors.


What is an Organic Heating Pad?
It is a square or rectangular soft fabric bag filled with small organic grains, which, when microwaved, retains its heat for about an hour. It may be reheated immediately or stored for future use. (It works equally well when frozen for cold therapy.)
How long does it take to heat up?
Microwave ovens vary greatly for required heating times. Therefore, we suggest starting with 4 minutes on high, then see if the temperature is satisfactory when you take it out and use it. Adjust heating time accordingly. (Contents will burn if overheated.)
How long will it last?
The "life expectancy" of an Organic Heating Pad will vary according to frequency of use. If used every day, you can expect to replace it after about a year's use. If you don't use it as often, it will last longer. Over time, with repeated use, product may require longer heating times and will have reduced heat retention.
Can I wash it?
The fabric cover is not removable, but may be cleaned if soiled. Covers may be purchased separately if infection control is a concern, or you may consider using a pillowcase.
NOTE: Use caution and test heated pad on small area before applying fully. Microwave ovens and skin sensitivities vary greatly!
ANOTHER NOTE: Any leftovers in your microwave will now be on your Organic Heating Pad! Placing it on a plate will reduce soiling and promote even distribution of heat.


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