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Introducing the only comprehensive book available with specific guidelines for patient positioning, C-Arm positioning, and fluoroscopic techniques for interventional spinal pain management procedures. This 170-page book includes complete coverage of:

Pain Management Innovations- Fluoroscopic Terminology Fluoroscopic Terminology
Pain Management Innovations- Spinal Anatomy Spinal Anatomy for Interventional Procedures
Pain Management Innovations- Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Injections Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Injections
Pain Management Innovations- Special Interventional Procedures Special Interventional Procedures

Imaging is one of the most important factors for achieving SAFE AND ACCURATE needle placement. Each procedure is presented from a Radiologic Technologist's perspective and suggests proven techniques for imaging specific spinal anatomy for each designated procedure. The simplistic format provides guidelines for optimal anatomic imaging demonstrated with photographs of patient and C-Arm in proper positions, and shows fluoroscopic images from actual procedures performed.


This valuable resource manual will be an asset for any pain practice. Here's why:

Pain Management Innovations- C-Arm procedures When a new or temporary technologist is employed to run the C-Arm, this manual provides ready-to-follow guidelines for continuity of care.
Pain Management Innovations- C-Arm procedures A trained technologist means more efficient procedures which result in time saved by correct patient and C-Arm positioning. This in turn means more procedures may be performed in a day.
Pain Management Innovations- C-Arm procedures Precise imaging produces less radiation exposure to patient, physician, and staff when proper set up is achieved while activating fluoro.
Pain Management Innovations- C-Arm procedures Whether routine or rare, all procedures discussed will provide an excellent reference source and visual guide for fluoroscopic imaging.
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Note: The "Fluoroscopy Manual For Pain Management" is not designed as an instructional guide for needle placement. Physicians have numerous medical textbook resources to assist with this information. Reference sources from contributing physicians are provided after each introductory segment of the Fluoroscopy Manual when more information is desired. All information presented is protected by copyright.

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